Our expertise

The specialists mobilized by BCC have developed a very high level of expertise on several topics that are of great importance in the development of water services in low-income countries:

Promotion and mobilization of local SMEsThe promotion and mobilization of local SMEs, which play a major role in urban water services, although many of them operate in what is called the informal sector. Because of this, they fall under the radar of the administration and donors. 

Our response: The development of tools tailored to the informal sector to assess business performance and to integrate them into strategies for strengthening services for low-income populations.

Exploration, mobilization and sustainable management of groundwater resources. These resources are often the technico-economic optimum for ensuring water supply in low-income countries where the population is dispersed. 

Our specific expertise : the sustainable exploitation of karst aquifers, on which a third of the world's population depends for its water supply.

Providing public services in slums. In the large metropolises of developing countries, slums are no longer a marginal phenomenon: half of the inhabitants live there.

Our strong point : Extensive field experience in setting up and implementing projects to strengthen public services in these neighborhoods (water, sanitation, electricity, solid waste).

The delegation of water services by local authorities The delegation of water services by local authorities (municipalities, regions, etc.) to professional operators, with the aim of achieving better technical and financial performance (service to marginal districts, cost recovery, improvement of service quality). 

Our support: The development of Public Private Partnerships adapted to the specific needs of local communities in marginal areas (slums, conflict zones...)

The BCC management team

Doctor in hydrogeology, Bernard Collignon has more than thirty years of experience in setting up, monitoring and evaluating water supply and urban sanitation projects in over fifty countries in Europe, Africa, Asia and the Americas.

Passionate about development issues, he participated in the development of underground water resources in Algeria from 1980 to 1987, then worked as a hydrogeologist and water and sanitation specialist for the French Association of Volunteers for Progress (now France Volontaires) before co-founding Hydroconseil with his wife, Christine, in February 1995, and then in 2006, his sister company, Urbaconsulting, specializing in the development of essential services in the slums.

Since leaving these two companies, Bernard has continued his consulting activities as an expert with Bernard Collignon Consulting, a company he created with Christine Lagarde Collignon in December 2020. He has carried out feasibility studies for projects to strengthen water distribution systems in several cities in some twenty countries, with particular expertise in the mobilization of underground water resources (drilling) and in supplying marginal areas (slums).

He is a recognized expert in the technical audit and modernization of public utilities in the water sector and in setting up PPPs with local companies in developing countries.

Christine Lagarde Collignon is a graduate of Sup de Co Clermont. After starting her career as a teacher, she joined the management of the Banque de France, first in the network and then at headquarters. In 1995 she co-founded Hydroconseil with Bernard Collignon, then participated in the creation of Urbaconsulting in 2006. She then assumed the dual role of managing director of Hydroconseil and co-manager of Urbaconsulting and provided the Global Development group, to which Hydroconseil and Urbaconsulting belong, with her skills in business management (finance, banking, legal and social aspects, transfer of business to employees, CSR, etc.). She now brings this expertise to Bernard Collignon Consulting.