Improving living conditions in large cities

What we propose: improving the provision of basic public services in slums. In the large metropolises of developing countries, slums are no longer a marginal phenomenon: half of the inhabitants live there. BCC has specialized in the design and implementation of projects to strengthen public services in these areas (water, sanitation, electricity, solid waste).

A hydrant in Sao Tome

Some applications of this approach:

In Port-au-Prince (Haiti), we designed for GRET and the EU water distribution networks for 14 shantytowns, managed by local operators, who are the only ones able to control the violence in these gang-ridden neighborhoods

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In Casablanca (Morocco), there are hundreds of small shanty towns, enclosed in the urban fabric. The LYDEC commissioned us to develop a catalog of optimized solutions for their water supply and sanitation

In Dhaka (Bangladesh), we studied for DAWASA and AFD the feasibility of water distribution networks inside the slums, supplied by boreholes or by the main city network  

What others do better: prestige urbanism
Photo: The Diamnadio urban development project in Senegal